Medical conditions that can be detected with the help of an MRI

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There are many conditions of the body that cannot be easily diagnosed with symptoms and blood analysis. A deeper intervention is required in such cases. To see what is deep inside the cells and also to examine every minute part of an organ, MRI scanning has come as a blessing. The following are some of the conditions where this scanning technique is used by doctors.

  • Dementia is a very common age-related condition, where the loss of memory takes place. This happens due to deterioration in brain cells that die and erase a person’s memory. Slowly people start finding it difficult to remember things and it becomes a highly disturbing condition. Sometimes when they are out alone, it can become dangerous. Detecting this condition needs an MRI scan to be done. There is no other diagnostic test that can identify this condition. Scanning the brain cells helps to identify the changes that take place.
  • Some sports injuries or accidents that cause serious injuries to the brain is called brain aneurysms. Due to the violent blow, the brain cells would have been seriously damaged. The extent of damage can only be confirmed through imaging. Here, stand up MRI in East Brunswick, NJ plays a great role. A dye or contrast agent is used in this method of scanning to analyze the extent of the damage.
  • The condition called stroke where the blood supply to the brain is blocked can also be detected with the help of an MRI. The stroke can be sudden and can confine the person to the bed within days. A correct diagnosis is highly essential here and this is done by MRI scan. It gives every part of the brain cell in detail and is very useful for the physician to start treatment.
  • Tumors can also be detected early through the help of an upright MRI scanning process. There are many types of tumors and not all are cancerous. They appear as a lump and needs to be tested whether it is cancerous or not. Tumors in any part of the body can be easily identified through the standup MRI.

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